Monday, 15 October 2018

About Family Photography – A Photo shoot Filled with Playfulness and Love

Photographs are like a reminder of your past, an evidence of whatever you've done and felt. It is like travelling back in time and reliving those moments that meant everything to you. It's like being a child again and enjoying the innocence and imagination of a kid. It's like being a teenager again and feeling the hormone rush. It's like going in the past and cherishing the precious moments with your family and friends. It's like seeing the aesthetic beauty of all the places you've visited, like tasting and rejoicing the first cake you made. It is like being there in that particular moment in that frame of time and letting the magic happen.

When a child is born, is it not the wish of every parent in this world to capture every first of the baby, to record the first word uttered by the baby, to videotape the first baby step, to record their baby's first dance and the first time he/she cries or crawls?

Every parent wishes to look back after a certain point of time in their life and relive what they had with their kids, to have a memory of each birthday, each achievement and every small and big thing that matters. Baby photography is one of the most beautiful and heartwarming to look at as you discover the innocence of a baby.

What about a woman who goes through 9 months of keeping the baby in her womb?

She would love to keep a track of the first time she realized she was pregnant, the first reaction of her husband and family to the first time she felt her baby kick and all the times that she had mood swings and ice cream cravings. Maternity photography is an insight into one of the most pure emotions one can ever witness.

Remember the last trip to Singapore when you were a kid? Remember that school trip? Remember that marriage ceremony where you met your family after a long time?

Whenever we think of such questions we wish to open the albums and look at the photographs. Kid photography of Singapore, the family reunion, that get together with friends after a long time, all these photographs give you a feeling of comfort and certain strangeness as to how amazing it is to have a record of all the beautiful days and moments of your life.

Family photography
is just another example of how we can look back and celebrate the love and care that is shared. Photographs of simple dinners to the well-dressed festive and wedding photographs are an array of memories that are stored and can be revisited every time our wants to revisit them.

Photography is not just an art or technique, it's the beauty of having the power to revisit and relive memories.

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